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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PST

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our greatest need is to increase tutoring roadway two days a week our art students that's a priority that they get their they learn and have a tutor if they need help to get a tutor everyday if we had this available personally my kids with take advantage of it and then additional port for the indian education program that office can't be on everyday so we would like to have it available for the parents who need maybe they're working they need to come in in the morning or afternoon it will be beneficial to have the staff
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there to reach out to also the teacher on a special assignment i've actually heard if parents the november is their bombarded with questions about the american history month it is in the best interests to have sfusd look at this and cultural sensitivity there's a need to provide professional development for teachers specifically around the sensitivity of the native americans in science courses for the participation activities that come into direct conflict with their - and we believe the exception should be permitted without reprimands. >> and we're going to take it
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back to - >> sorry we're going to take it back to some of the successes abused i'm going to turn it over to we know it begins at home if you go back to the opening ceremony at san she is you see definitely see the support if the district we celebrated with you know dancing food, a tour of our facilities and again you know the beginning of where we can take 2 this program this program is just now kicking and weaving so let's take it to where we can go from good to great and you're being here we fought for the location and we got a behalf home at the backdoor my voice gets shake i didn't it was a victory so think back to the good feeling we call
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home as parent as a a part of pack i'm going to hit a couple of successes we come together on a pack meeting to set our priorities you know what do our children and the district and families need for our children so studying those priorities another one taking the time to vote on it you know sitting down and voting on it and from there take off and another one stay motivated we went to a bungalow and i mean to a cub cell to a bungalow so stay motivated through the process is a success take it to the reads some of the challenges and diversities we see are need of greater
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visibility some of the united states have saying hey, we're actually alive and got children in the districts and families a second one would be stereotyping of many nations of not just here in california but the whole united states again those are some of the challenges and diversities the challenges we see see. >> good evening, everyone my name is erica the an enrolled member of the pine agency in south dakota also the student rep for indian education and junior at i s a in san francisco and to close this all out first
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thank you to superintendent carranza and the members the board of education for giving title vii and our pack a voice here at your meeting i hope that what we've presented will permeate to promote a better understanding of who we are we've made process to establish our office at san she is school however, we need our continued support to he'd our top priorities that we provided to you for here tonight we need our commitment to help to help support our initiative i look forward to my personal goal to keep a 4.0 gpa i know that many families and students that are still struggling just to establish goals that need
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support and the guidance to chief their dreams our programs are what will make it happen we want to move the data and statistics and our collection of success and not failure so i ask you all for your continued commitment to support our program and make our priorities your priorities so thank you very much. (clapping.) >> we just wanted - we just wanted to quickly acknowledge the students and the other parents if they're not standing up if they could stand up please thank you for your time (clapping.) thank you for that presentation i remember when you came before the body before and asking us for space it was critical you needed space and i congratulate superintendent carranza and the community 40 who came to make that a reality i have no speaker
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cards but want to invite any colleagues commissioner fewer. >> yes. thank you for your presentation and congratulations to our permanent home i was wondering do we have any relationship with the indian colleges at all at one time i think there was they ran a two year college program and do we know anything about that or have a relationship and what the stautsdz is now i know when i spoke to representatives they were looking to expand to a four-year program instead of a two year do we have any information no one. >> we would like to research and looked at it that. >> because they been a lot of studies when i met when them they had the retention rate of the students in your colleges
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and because they found a lot of standards that native-american they didn't finish the four years but to transition into the four years there was a depress off so i wanted to know if we could maybe tap into this insight because for the retention but another thing i'm to get an update about our personnel and how many native-american we have that are teachers and professionals that came back with our students and also, if they can also be a resource of what you asked about the cultural and the special assignments do we have teachers it identified as native-american and then i. wondering about the sf pc not a difficult thing to
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do with the form please i'm wondering too have is a follow-up report on how to incorporate if it's difficult to do i think that people self-identify; is that correct so ask people that are self-identifying if we could do a followup but get back information how easy that might be to implement it's necessarily an easy thing to implement. >> i'd like to invite superintendent carranza. >> thank you commissioner president murase we were taking notes intentionally so we'll follow-up and some of the concerns articulated by our pack regarding the curriculum instruction and support 3 falls within our curriculum support and our chief executive officer
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to incorporate those requests as we fold them both the budget process as well so they've been heard and we'll absolutely follow-up on whatever we can do to make that realty. >> i have ms. mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner walton. >> thank you. i'm glad you guys are a permanent home and as you opened your new space for your family i'm excited that the students are getting better supported and it's showing in your numbers i want to picking i didn't back on the forms if you're able to capture all the kids you serve has b that been done i imagine you've asked them to fill out the forms and
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students that may or may not go through ap c going forward is there a way spruntd to get them to the students so they make sure that the students get the forms directly so the initial outreach piece because it seems like the students are already in the schools if they're not transitioning they'll not have transitioning so i would like to see that and but the one other piece the opportunity to insure their that your contributing in a way for the ethic studies and i hope our staff will help us think about that i wanted to put that out there as well congratulations we're happy to be able to support that.
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>> commissioner vice president haney i wanted to congratulate you on our space i know that last year you were here and told us how important i'm happy to see this and thank the superintendent invite us i don't think about the end of the year i want to scombroin you and i appreciate our presentation actual points i was going to make the 09 two commissioners did so i hope we address those issues and last year when you came there was also concern about the curriculum and some of the important trades and the inaccuracy and all that i hope we can eastbound potentially assign some in our department to work directly with you to make sure we address that and have a model of what the board of education and history looks like
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and the boarder curriculum and ithsd through the prek through 12 and years from now you'll list the successes of where we got the changes so i hope that happens and that our staff follows up on that and thank you, again for your work. >> i have commissioner wynns and other commissioner. >> okay. i want to thank you all for being here as commissioner vice president haney said our colleagues have asked the questions i wanted to ask a request about the form and the registration i'm sure you're aware of it's is interest a question on the form about whether or not you're a member of a tribe or native-american this is we're required to ask people for about their ethnicity
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because of the funding and the availability and the data collection and the reference to the different data we have an example of that so and i have to committees even though i've not checked the form to make sure that someone checks the whole process works the way it should and the availability of the form is you know that should be a no brainier real but so if we could just get a report an e-mail would be good and go to the leadership of the parent group making sure that all the steps for the places you can help us by checking on that and tells you it is working the way it should thank you for your service it's so important. >> i skipped over commissioner walton and then the
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commissioners. >> thank you commissioner president murase. >> it is good to see the students perhaps students are excited and you're out there recruiting that's very, very important one question in terms of at the school tutorial how many students are you averaging. >> at your initials opening september 19th we identifyly average 2 to 7 students per day thank you. >> i'd like to add to that the need for assistance for our program coordinator trying to do everything from mosaic she's pulled a lot of wealthy and so it's hard for our program to be on everyday so we can offer that to our community it's a big need
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for our students that's what we sunshine have to deal with two dies of tutoring. >> thank you commissioner norton. >> thank you commissioner president murase and i'll add my congratulations to your new home and dedication it's very important work so thank you for your services i'm wondering instructor if the board just to kind of collect it shows the questions about the report a number of recommendations it would be helpful to get a written update as time permits or when you have time to say here's the problem that the calculated identified the steps to address that so we can kind of, you know put a pen on that and understand the steps or things we can't so the
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recommendations that we can you know meet and why that is that would be helpful thank you. >> superintendent carranza. >> so thank you commissioner president murase so commissioners, thank you for your questions you took the words out of my mouth so we'll be following up up in written form with an update of the issues isle you've asked i'm so thankful for the folks coming this everything what you may or may not know we initiated a process for the portable how to present timelines, etc. our indian education cabinet the first group to do the training they do a good job thank you we've got information covered in a quick way (clapping.)
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i think it is absolutely incredibly important that here we have before us a student in our student system who is proud of her heritage and 4 point o student how about a round of applause for her that's great i love it (clapping.) i've been fortunate i was borden in tucson oars oars and had a good relationship with the nation's i was working and doing any graduation work in northern arizona in the navaho nation there's no stronger commitment to family and elapsing than our american indian so thank you for proudly trumpeting our heritage i'm sure you're aware of this board is committed to the ethic studies so we look forward to
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having a successful report there thank you (clapping.) i wanted to close by recognizing going georgia williams who is active in the indian education program who invite me to a family night and come to our opening so, please invite the board members to our next meeting. >> the next item is item f public comment on content items there are - let's see item g is consent calendar i need a month to month for the consent calendar thank you any items withdrawn or corrected by the instructor? and, yes we have a few corrections this evening
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all right. the first correction to page numbers page thirty a sticker entitled 2 f and b-6 and pages 3135 changed and page 36 is from two g to 2 h and to one hundred 51 on page 68 amending one hundred 46 and 1411 k 16 2 one of 1 amending the k9 and 14 one one and finally to 2 one hundred 51 k 51 the name of consultants should be outside not see the attachments >> thank you any items removed by the board seeing none any
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items severed by the board or the instructor for vote seeing none we'll have a roll call vote under section o 9 next is instructor proposals none together i board members together one proposal one 4121 appropriate use of movies and films in the classroom it was moved and seconded and may we have a report from the community report by commissioner vice president haney. >> yes. we discussed the resolution there was a positive feeling amongst the committee members small changes in language to clarify it and forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> reading by commissioner
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norton. >> certainly appropriate movies and films whereas children and stop signs are looking at tv and video and district evidence by the kaiser family foundation whereas a recent ucla studying their social skills improved after spending time away from the screen and whereas the children and teens are excessive screen times and whereas the american academy of pedestrian asterisks that children under the angel of 19 spend no more than mann than 2 hours a day in front of the the tv and the san francisco unified school district doesn't have a guideline for entertainment in the classroom and withdraws the
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quality of movies and television shown in the sfusd cloos classroom therefore, be it resolved that the san francisco unified school district building that see use of video media and clips and television broadcasted and movie have educational value and can separate the value and instruction in the classroom and therefore, be it resolved and taking into consideration the age and developing very well level of the students and be it resolved that the board believes that the instructional time is valuable and further be it resolved that the board buildings it must be a
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successful use of time and be it resolved that the media is important to make sure that the responsible use of video and media and further be it resolved by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year the board questions the instructor builds the guidelines and articulates them to the families and further be it resolved that the guidelines are not limited to the teachers should be allowed a certain amount of segregation as long as the use of media is a standard of lone being taught and films are to be utilized in if the films are previously approved by the site mist and linked to the writing for a set of standards wherever possible an examiner should be used inform target the structural
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lesson rather than having the students watch the whole piece and the appropriate techniques must be occupied and included in the lesson plans and approved by the instructor sun shining television programs and other entertainment purposes at the is as a class reward is not directly connected to a class lesson will be a violation of the policy. >> thank you commissioner norton i don't have speaker cards on this item comments from the board or superintendent. >> i just wanted to thank my colleagues for entertaining this change to our policy or addition to our policy that is an issue i've been watching for a long time and something i have over the years received a number of complaint about from parents
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i want to be clear i don't think that inappropriate of use of television in the classroom is widespread in our schools i think there are a few instances i've heard about egregious but this is really just a yardstick for administrators and teachers so we all can be on the same package i've tried to state i think there are a lot of situations where an excerpt or a full film can be an incredibly rich part of the instruction i just want the teachers to be thoughtful when and how they're to be used and talking to the teachers will the use. >> commissioner
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mendoza-mcdonnell i'm supportive and certainly have experiences myself but i'm curious in terms of enforcement and consequences and what that means for your resolution and how we will enforce something like that i don't want to have any conflict between parents and teachers around this wanting them to figure out how to enforce it in an appropriate way and then my second comment just i'm sure will we'll have opportunity where the administration will allow like science and parades to be viewed by your students and other appropriate celeby opportunities so i wanted to put a side note on that one. >> superintendent carranza.
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>> yes. thank you commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell so giant prartdz, of course, and warriors parades, of course, and 49ers pradz all seriousnessness he wanted to thank commissioner norton because this is a place in our policies that was silent around appropriate guidelines for the instruction materials as a social studies teacher for example, it was one thing to give the students the text of the reverend dr. martin luther king speech but giving the clip of the sprn that is appropriate, however not appropriate to show the entire two hour documentary of the march if it's not within the context of the development of the process so show clips that will allow the principles
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and teachers to actually have conversation about the structure of the clips and the additional resources we're anticipating that basis if the board approvals this policy to have some conversations between site administrators and teachers as they are planning their instruction there will be principle exemptions around the policy which is referenced around the appropriate use and above all thank you commissioner norton for your writing this policy below all no zealousness one way or other banning clips in the classrooms but not have the attitude you're showing something from the lion king and pressure port to be part of the
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biological to tie the instructional clips to the curriculum so what will come from this a series of guidelines and principles will be included in what the guidelines will look like and then dialog between the teachers and the site administrator so we don't expect this to be a controversial norman and as commissioner norton mentioned we have a vast majority have teachers that are using extremely good judgment that will help us put perimeters around instances we wish there was more structure. >> can i had a follow-up question how this applies to after school programming. >> we can get back to you specifically i thi